Sharíra Sādhana | Asana Intensive

Become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally with this Asana Intensive practice

Who can attend this workshop?

The advanced asana workshop is open for yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels, who are willing to up skill and explore deeper aspects of asanas.

What does the workshop consist of?

The workshop deals with advanced postures (Asanas), sequences (vinyasa flows), mobility and strength which consists of inversion, arm balance, leg balance, hip opener and backbend asana series with proper breathing and alignment, guided from expertise.

What are the key learnings?
  • Mastering the technique to attain a challenging asana by breaking down the relevant key actions.

  • Gaining insights on the foundational movements in order to access the final posture.

  • Achieving additional strength and understanding to progress personal practice.

  • Mastery over body - mastery over mind and emotions.

8 classes
a month
Tuesdays &
11.00 am to 12:30 pm
Monthly Fee
Rs. 4000
Drop in -
Rs. 750

Online classes are held on Zoom & Offline Classes are held at Nirakula Yoga Shaala, Koramangala, Bangalore