Pañcatantram - A Tale of Political Intellectualism

Bhāratavarṣa is known for its unique perspectives on various streams of knowledge. Politics, and its ideas & concepts in this land were no different than some other popular knowledge systems such as Yoga, and Philosophy in their formulation as well as execution.

Of many texts dealing with polity, Pañcatantram of Viṣṇuśarma, is an outstanding one constituting around 70 odd stories on five major themes of administration. The text serves as an authority on both worldly wisdom and administration. The uniqueness of this text lies in its ability to hide the tenets under the simplest stories.

We begin this wondrous journey by taking the tantra titled "mitrasaṃprāpti" that has 6 stories. The classes will be online (Zoom) and narration and discussions shall take place in English as mode of communication language. It shall be covered in a span of 6 months with two classes of 90 minutes each on every 2nd and 4th Saturday.

Fee of Rs. 1800 (Above 18 years) &
Rs. 1400 (14-18 years)

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