Yoga for Seniors

Experience the bliss of mindfulness.

Who can attend this?

The senior citizen’s yoga is for seniors regardless of their fitness level. It is suitable for older adults who are willing to stay active, build joint flexibility and overall well being.

What do these classes offer?

The sessions primarily focus on gentle practices including joint movements, mild warm ups and gentle asanas. The training also offers an idea of mindful practice of asana, pranayama and meditation at one’s own comfort. The sessions are conducted by experienced teachers in a safe manner.

What are the key learnings?
  • The guided sessions are beneficial for your physical and mental well being.

  • The steady pace of the session helps improving joint flexibility and gradual strength building.

  • The gentle practices help in improving your active lifestyle without excessive stress of training.

12 classes a month
Monthly Fee
Rs. 2200

Online only classes are held on Zoom

6:20 pm to 7:20 pm